​Kathy Vandenburg, founder of De-Stress U Meditation, is a certified meditation and mindfulness instructor. She is also an aqua and a land fitness instructor, as well as, a personal trainer. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Master's Degree in Education (Counselor Preparation Program). She received her meditation and mindfulness certifications through the McLean Meditation Institute. Her certifications for aqua and land fitness, as well as, personal training is through WaterArt. Kathy teaches the best of what she has learned, studied, practiced, and taught over the years. 

​​After 16+ years in the career counseling and personal branding field, Kathy sought a different path to helping others in dealing with stress and to enhance overall well-being. Teaching others about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness is her passion. Realizing the importance of the mind body connection for health and wellness, she then added the physical fitness component to her training. She wants to share what she has learned. This is based upon the work she has done personally in addition to working with others. She takes ancient wisdom that has been around for 2600 years and teaches them in a way that is simple and in a secular way.

​Since an early age, Kathy was passionate about helping others. Now she is dedicated to helping others to manage stress through mental and physical fitness. She combines her qualifications, knowledge, and experience to help others discover a state of wellness and joy. She shares the tools and technique that she has learned, practiced, taught and have seen others experience from her teachings. She enjoys teaching others how to integrate these techniques into their personal and professional lives leading to overall well-being.



Kathy Vandenburg, MA, CMMI

​De-Stress U  Meditation